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The Bulkley Valley Radio Controlled Flyers (BVRC) has been an active club for over 30 years. The goals of finding an airfield, supporting radio controlled (RC) flyers and increasing public awareness of the hobby are still goals, along with just having fun and learning more about aircraft.

The BVRC uses the Houston Airport off of Barrett Station Road West of Houston as its primary flying field. The airport has approximately 4000 feet of paved runway which it shares with full scale planes and occasionally with other community activities. RC pilots will be seen there as soon as the snow clears, usually on Sundays, but at any time when a pilot can organize a buddy to spot for him. Spotting means watching out for full scale planes, people, deer or other obstacles to good navigation.

Club membership is open to anyone, and if you have Model Aircraft Association of Canada membership which provides $5,000,000 in insurance you may use the airfield. Although pilots may fly at any time, Sundays are a favourite and there is a social atmosphere along with flying, fixing and talking about planes. Occasionally, there is an impromptu hike into the bush to find a get away plane. Several times per year a group of club members will camp at the airport and enjoy hot dogs or hamburgers along with their flying.

Twice each year the club organizes special events which have been very popular. The Father's Day weekend fun fly at the Houston Airport comes early in the season. Between twenty and thirty pilots and their families camp for three days or up to a week (dry camping) and enjoy the weather, the flying and the camaraderie. It has been going for 29 years and provides an opportunity to see a wide variety of planes as well as a chance to meet and exchange information with pilots from other areas. Pilots have come from Vancouver, the Okanagan, and Alberta in the past. Pilots and their families take part in a free steak and prawn supper on the Saturday night, and a free pancake breakfast on the Sunday morning.

The To-Sink-It Fun Fly has been going for about 25 years, and is currently hosted by Dave and Verna Hopper at their property on Burns Lake, east of the community of Burns Lake. The Hoppers have created a lovely park like area along the lake, with dock facilities and a picnic gazebo, and it is available to flyers on the first long weekend (civic holiday) in August. Dry camping is available. Club members take part, while others again come from distant points, and there is often an audience of locals, such as a senior citizen's' group. The scenery is beautiful and there are a wide variety of planes to be seen. The atmosphere of mutual assistance and appreciation is part of what makes the event so attractive. If the weather closes in, there will be a cluster of "experts" around any plane that has been having problems. Evenings find the pilots and families in the gazebo swapping stories of past successes and sometimes spectacular failures. The gazebo also comes in handy for marshmallow roasts, a group dinner on the Saturday night and a pancake breakfast on the Sunday morning.

Twice the club has organized an RC Air Show. These events were advertised to the public and prizes were awarded for a variety of categories of plane on display. Presentations by RC jet pilots were a favourite, along with the stunt flying by local and visiting pilots. The air shows were a part of the Father's Day weekend fun flies.

There is a certain amount of gloating by the senior pilots who enjoy saying, "Retired guys fly anytime!"


Vice President:

Dave Hopper
Steve Hachey
Alan Sandercott
Ted Dean

Next meeting: Sunday 10 December 2017 @ 12:00 Noon

Location: Dave Hopper residence, 10.5 km east of Burns Lake BC

Contact: Dave Hopper @  

A special Christmas dinner will follow the meeting.

Previous year meeting:    Printable Version

Date: November 27, 2016

Location: Home of Pete & Sarah Peters in Decker Lake BC.

Meeting called to order by Dave Hopper @ 1255 hrs.

In attendance: Dave Hopper, Ken Nielsen, Ted Dean, Josiah Lindberg, Pete Peters, Jim Easterday & Alan Sandercott.

Minutes from previous meeting (May 15, 2016) Were read by Dave as well as having been posted on Club Website. Dave moved the adoption of the minutes as read. Seconded by Alan. Carried.

Treasurer's Report as read by Ted revealed a total of $2535.02 in the bank. Ted moved to accept his report and seconded by Alan. Carried.

Business arising from the minutes:
  • Motion by Dave that all existing officers be confirmed in their positons for a second term. Seconded by Alan. Carried.

    • President: Dave Hopper
    • Vice President: Steve Hachey
    • Secretary: Alan Sandercott
    • Treasurer: Ted Dean

  • Discussion held about Gate Fees. Moved by Ken that no gates fees be charged but that the donation box remain at the gate. Seconded by Ted. Carried.

  • Facebook page for club. After discussion it was moved by Alan that the idea of a face book page be dropped and the club rely on Email & Club Website for information exchange. Seconded by Ken. Carried.

New Business:
  • Air Show. A lenghty discussion was held as to whether the club should continue to host an Air Show. In the end it was moved by Ken that there be no Air Show. The Fun Fly events should continue as well as the "Float Fly' on Burns Lake. Seconded by Pete. Carried.

  • Club Grill. After discussion it was moved by Dave and seconded by Ken that a Work Bee be scheduled to renovate the grill, possibly in March 2017.

  • MAC Memberships. Keeping MAC Membership up to date is very important. Any flyer stepping up to the flight line must be prepared to show their card if challenged. Moved by Ken & seconded by Dave. Carried.

  • Once again the matter of Safety On The Flight Line was stressed!!

Motion to ajourn @ 1340 by by Dave and seconded by Ted.

Club Membership: $20 Annually.

BVRCF Club has two MAAC approved Locations:

Burns Lake Airport
Burns Lake BC Airport.
Co-ordinates: 54 22" 55" N   126 57' 25" W
Decimal Degrees: 54.381944   126.956944
GPS: N54 22.917   W126 57.417
UTM: 9N   x 632683   y 6027942

Dave Hopper Location
Dave Hopper Location on the shores of Burns Lake.
Co-ordinates: 54 12" 35" N   125 37' 24" W
Decimal Degrees: 54.209722   125.623333
GPS: N54 12.583   W125 37.400
UTM: 10N   x 328926   y 6010034

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