Photo of similar plane.

This build of a quarter scale Cessna 185 on floats with a wing span of 95" is destined to hang from the ceiling of my workshop. My flying days are over. I started with a partial kit from Martin Rousseau, from Quebec, Canada. I suspect this may well be my last build as my abilities fail with age.

Follow the construction below

Just wanted to make sure the fibreglass fits.

It'll never fly so the control surfaces are pinned.

Early problem; #7 ribs missing!!

Full eight foot wing in two pieces.

It'll never fly so the control surfaces are pinned.

A dry fit.

Installing wing struts.

I changed from a three piece wing to a two piece. Added a tube for strength.

Had to try my hand at fabric. It's been a while.

Wing bottom sheeted with 3/32".

Added a water fin underneath that was not called for. I just like the looks.

Locking in the stabilizer.

Not enough clamps :-)

A touch of epoxy for strength.

Oops ...

Now what????? The plan offers nothing!!

I'm thinking the windows should be fwd a bit??

Now I'm committed to size & location.

Too cold in the hanger. Time for winter storage.

The build continues . . .

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